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Relax & Ground Bundle

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We’ve put together a bundle of our favourites that help find relaxation, grounding and peace in the difficult times. At Bumi, we are true believers in self care as a form of health care. Taking the time to ground, relax and love yourself is beneficial for not only you, but others around you. 


Save yourself 15% by purchasing our Relax & Ground bundle, which includes the following products:


1 x Body Polish: Hemp, Poppy & Lavender (60ml)

The perfect bath time treat, our lavender infused body polish will bring about a state of relaxation and calm, as well as leave your skin soft and hydrated.


2 x Lavender Bath Melts 

Just pop one of our cocoa butter, lavender and Himalayan salt melts into a running bath and let it detoxify and sooth your skin.


1 x Calm Candle (60ml)

Formulated with Soy Wax and Organic Lavender Essential Oil (with a dash of Sage) to bring about a state of relaxation and calm during a well deserved moment of peace and quiet.


1 x Face Mask: Green Clay, Matcha, Maca Root & Hemp (30ml)

Cleanse, tone and soothe your skin with our versatile powder face mask. Tailor it to your skin type by mixing it with yogurt, almond milk or water. 


1 x Face Polish : Juniperberry, Sage, Hemp & Volcanic Ash (60ml)

Fine bamboo stem powder and volcanic ash gently exfoliate to eliminate dirt and dead skin, whilst hemp oil leaves your skin soft to the touch and Juniperberry and Sage essential oils ground and clear the energy.


1 x Palo Santo stick or "Holy Wood", harvested sustainably in the northern coastal region of Peru and used to bring healing and good fortune when burned.


All natural, handmade and packaged in plastic free, fully recyclable / reuseable packaging.