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Facial Ritual Bundle

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Organic Cotton Bag?

Polish away dead skin, combat blemishes and repair skin cells with our facial bundle. 


Step 1:

Face Polish: Juniperberry, Sage, Hemp & Volcanic Ash (30ml)


Rebalance oil production and polish away impurities and dead skin with Volcanic ash and bamboo stem powder. Hemp seed oil and shea butter are both antibacterial and soothing, leaving your skin with a protective layer that does not clog the pores. Juniperberry and sage dalmation essential oils combat bacteria and deliver a feeling of calm and clarity.


Step 2:

Face Mask: Honey & Cinnamon (30ml)


Get your circulation going with warming and antibacterial Ceylon cinnamon and organic coffee grounds. Unpasteurised London honey soothes, hydrates and helps to regenerate skin cells.


Step 3:

Night Repair: Broccoli, Cucumber & Rosehip (30ml)


The ingredients in this rich and nourishing Night Repair have been carefully chosen for their ‘anti-ageing’ properties. This means they are packed with vitamins and minerals that aid cell repair and regeneration. The ingredients in this formula have very small molecules, which means they can penetrate deeper layers of skin and leave a thin, non-greasy layer that will lock in moisture and protect your skin from the elements. 


Psst! You can also use our Night Repair as an oil cleanser!