Heart Shaped Pamper Box

Give someone a gift of self love, carefully wrapped in a re-useable heart shaped box <3 

Inside you'll find:
1 x Palo Santo stick or "Holy Wood", harvested sustainably in the northern coastal region of Peru and used to bring healing and good fortune when burned
1 x Rose Quartz Crystal, "the Heart Stone", which is aligned to the heart chakra and used to relieve stress and tension, and attract love
1 x Lavender Calm Candle (120ml)

Made with non-GMO soya wax for longlasting burning and pure lavender essential oil

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1 x Body Butter: Avocado, Hemp and Shea (60ml)

Unrefined avocado oil is rich and full of vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. Hemp seed oil is rich in magnesium, and its smaller molecules allow it to penetrate deeper layers of skin and carry that goodness down. Silky smooth shea butter creates a layer that locks in moisture and protects your skin, leaving your skin looking glossy without feeling too heavy.

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1 x Face Mask: Honey & Cinnamon (30ml)

Pollution in London wreaks havoc on our skin. Honey and cinnamon have been used as a powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory duo for thousands of years. Scrub the dirt away with coffee and jojoba esters, and moisturise with soothing honey and shea butter, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth.

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Heart Shaped Pamper Box

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