Face Mask: Honey & Cinnamon

This face mask was designed with a Londoner in mind. Pollution means that we need a skin remedy that fights the inevitable bacteria sitting on our face all day and is kind to our skin. We wanted to create something natural and organic that scrubbed out the dirt and grime, and soothed the little blemishes that kept cropping up. At BUMI we swear by this concoction, and apply it 3 times a week.


About the product

Warming Ceylon cinnamon brings your blood to the surface (read our blog about cinnamon), working with organic coffee and jojoba esters to scrub the dirt away and cleanse your pores with its antiseptic properties. Local raw honey (read more here) offers antimicrobial benefits as well as being highly moisturising, and has been used for thousands of years as a staple skin remedy. This is why we end up leaving the mask on for so long; the longer you leave it, the softer your skin will feel afterwards! Did we mention that coffee has been said to plump up your skin and improve fine lines? Well, you heard it here first!


Needless to say, the ingredients are 100% natural and organic where possible. As is happens, and due to the nature of beekeeping, it's difficult to say if honey is truly organic, but we have sourced our honey locally, here in London.

Face Mask: Honey & Cinnamon

  • Wet your face with warm water, dry your hands, then massage the mask into your skin using circular motions. When you have scrubbed enough, leave the product on your face for 10 minutes (or more, I tend to leave it on for an hour or so because I love the softness of my skin afterwards!) When you are done (provided you haven't licked it all off - guilty!), wash off with warm water. You probably won’t need to moisturise afterwards, but follow with a bit of facial oil if you fancy it.