Calm Candle (120ml)

From the scent to the wicks, we've taken great care in creating a candle that brings pure joy in burning!


Our Calm Candle is has been formulated with Soy Wax and Organic Lavender Essential Oil (with a dash of Sage) to bring about a state of relaxation and calm during a well deserved moment of peace and quiet. We have taken the utmost care to heat the soy wax carefully, adding in the essential oils at a precise temperature to allow them to fully enter the wax without losing their scent. 


Forget the dangers of paraffin wax - we have used 100% Soy Wax (non-GMO, obviously!) in our Calm Candle. Why use Soy? Well, not only does it represent cleaner burning - no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants - it also gives you around 30-50% longer burn time than paraffin based candles because they burn at a cooler temperature.  Although the candle could last up to 18 hours, we recommend no longer than 3 hours per burn. 


Our wicks are made from cotton threads, woven with paper, and have been pre-coated with soy wax to avoid unsightly black smoke and to stabilise the burn. 


You can also find this this candle in our Calm Box.


Calm Candle (120ml)

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