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Sustainable Beauty and its Benefits: 3 Good Reasons to start using Eco-Friendly Skincare

You may have heard about eco-friendly skincare and product online, either as a new trend, or maybe from a friend. If you are still wondering what the term eco-friendly really means and why you should support it, here are the key reasons to make up your mind and replenish your beauty stash with great products not only for yourself but also for the planet.

#1 Live Consciously and Protect your Health

Many mainstream cosmetics have a very low percentage of natural and organic ingredients. By law, products with as little as 1% natural ingredients and be labelled‘natural’, and there is no legislation when it comes to being labelled ‘organic’. Synthetic products can contain potentially harmful chemicals that are often allergenic. It has been proven that some of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors that can lead to a weakened immune system and other diseases. They may have been included to give the product fragrance, texture or colour, but serve no purpose for our skin.

Sustainable beauty products do not have a never-ending list of synthetic ingredients, and instead are made from natural, active ingredients such as plant extracts, floral waters, vegetables oils and essential oils. Our skin is the human body's largest organ and is more receptive to natural cosmetics, as it creates a synergy that heals the issues as opposed to masking it. Natural, and more so, organic ingredients are also packed with antioxidants that can help prevent the first signs of aging and simply keep your skin healthy and nourished. Bear in mind that your skin absorbs a high percentage of what you apply on it, and whether you have skin issues or not, you can find a solution with what nature has to offer. All you have to do is find the product with the right formula for your skin's needs.

At Bumi, we use 100% natural, Certified Organic (by the Soil Association), unrefined ingredients to make our beauty products. By maintaining high quality and ethical standards in our sourcing, we ensure that our products are powerful and effective, with their nutrients and benefits intact as mother nature intended. We mark the certified organic ingredients in our formulations with an * and list a percentage, so that our customers are clear on what they are purchasing.

#2 Have a Positive Impact on Our Planet

Ditch your mainstream products and start living an impactful life. Conventional beauty can not only damage your skin; it also harms the environment. Toxins contaminate our soil, oceans and air. Choosing sustainable beauty products means choosing cosmetics that respect our planet; ones that are made with natural ingredients and that are minimally processed. Their manufacturing processes are designed to be as harmonious as possible with nature. Sustainable beauty means that the ingredients largely come from organic farming that preserve biodiversity, so the use of pesticides or fertilizers are nonexistent or monitored to ensure that they are safe. The energy of the sun and minerals of the earth sustain each other, and life is like a support machine, relying on its biodiversity. All this energy goes into the plants, our ingredients and therefore into your skin and body.

One of the aims, for eco-friendly brands, is to limit the waste and pollution involved, so the packaging is also generally designed to be easily recycled or reused. At Bumi, we use glass jars and recyclable labels to package our products. Even our postage material is recyclable and/or biodegradable. We also plant a tree for every £20 spent in our online store. Over time, this will have a solid impact on our planet as we seek to absorb some of our carbon footprint and reverse some of the damage done to our lifelong home.

#3 Be Part of the Change to Create a more Ethical Society

Change your lifestyle! Now more than ever, you have the power to decide to become a more ethical consumer. Shopping ethically makes a difference on a local and global scale because it tackles important social issues such as workers rights, factory farming and animal welfare. Another reason to acquire eco-friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics is the question of ethics towards animals. Many* eco-friendly cosmetics are not tested on animals, and exclude components from animals except of those which are naturally and sustainably produced by animals such as honey or beeswax. Some are vegan.

We use Honey and Beeswax in several of our formulations, and we take great care in sourcing ingredients that meet our high standards. Our honey comes from an ethical supplier in the UK, who does not clip the wings of the queen bees or confine them. Our beeswax is certified organic by the Soil Association and Fair Trade, so we know that it of the highest quality and ethical standards.

Buying things from small businesses or brands has a positive lasting impact on the planet which helps to create a better world, and every small action counts. Sustainable beauty is gaining more and more momentum, and once we have made the decision to switch to eco-friendly purchase habits and natural and organic products, we rarely go back. The most difficult thing is often to take the first step.

*Although many eco-friendly brands do not test their products on animals, it is not always guaranteed. To be sure, always research the brand and look for a cruelty-free statement.

Some general feedback:

- Natural and organic are not always the same, so it’s important that we list the two. I use natural, organic and unrefined ingredients, which means that they are the purest and retain the most benefits. For example, a Shea Butter could be natural, but still not grown organically, and filtered (refined). This would mean that they potentially lose their colour and a lot of their nutrients.

- We need to be careful not to aggressively make claims against mainstream products. We can state the facts, but not assume that all mainstream products are bad for you or contain toxic ingredients, for example. We could get into trouble for making claims like this, although I/we really want to!!

- Organic farmers can still use some pesticides and fertilizers, but they are monitored by the soil association (if they are certified) to make sure that what they use is safe for the plants and kept at a safe level.

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