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Rowing the Atlantic for a Charitable Cause - support the team!

We are excited to announce our partnership with a brave team of four, who are set to row three-thousand miles across the Atlantic over the Christmas period. The On Shoulders of Giants team, who have been intensively training for the last eighteen months, will begin the journey in the Canary Islands and finish up in Antigua up to 40 days later. They’ll be getting up close and personal in their 25ft boat, rowing continuously two hours on, two hours off, through day and night.

As part of the Talisker Whiskey Challenge, the team are aiming to row as fast as they can across the ocean, while raising money for two charities that are close to their hearts.

You can follow their journey one their website and Instagram page

We sat down with Dan Wakerley to talk more about the trip and how we can help.

Why did you decide to take part in this difficult challenge?

All four of us were really excited by the prospect of something that looks so big and difficult to achieve. We looked at it and thought that it looked really impressive, a lot of effort and an unbelievable experience to be out there in the middle of the ocean. That would be us proving to ourselves that we could complete a major challenge.

It’s a great opportunity to raise money for two grassroots charities, for whom tens of thousands of pounds would make a massive difference to their next five years. For example, for PIP (Pursuing Independent Paths) £50,000 would make a huge difference to their plans to expand their premises and capacity to help people.

What kind of weather conditions will you be coming into contact with along the way?

We are expecting a real mix! The classic Atlantic conditions (what you would hope for) is a strong following wind and clear skies. This means long rolling waves, tens of meters or one hundred meters long and up to eight meters high. But It can mean smaller, flatter, calmer conditions. There will be times when it’s like mill pond and times when its rough and it’s raining and there are storms.

In terms of the temperature, we are expecting a real mix of cold weather and very hot. Temperatures in the cabin may reach up to forty-two degrees, while we may experience lows of five degrees. It really depends on what the weather decides to bring us along the way, so we need to be prepared for everything.

Have you taken the planet into consideration when choosing your supplies for the trip?

We have taken the planet into consideration at every stage as it's important to us to be as eco-friendly as possible.

In terms of the kit we have on board, we are using no single-use plastic, and as many biodegradable items as possible such as our wet wipes. We will be storing all the rubbish we generate on the boat and be disposing of it safely at the other end, as opposed to binning it in the middle of the ocean.

We are trying to use natural and sustainable products where we can, because of the planet but also because of their performance. For example, we will be wearing shorts made from bamboo and merino wool clothing, which are both natural fibres and biodegradable.

There’s a good amount of vegetarian and vegan ingredients in our diet as well. We will also be doing some monitoring for the marine conservation society, by taking photos of any interesting things we see along the way such as areas of pollution to help them with their research.

How Bumi is getting involved

We have provided protective, restorative skincare to the team, so that they can replenish when they get some rest time and protect themselves against harsh winds and weather conditions. We took into consideration the extreme varying temperatures, as the products must be able to withstand low temperatures, as well as highs of up to fourty-two degrees Celsius.

We felt that the best products for the job were our Facial Oil, made with certified organic pomegranate seed, rosehip, wheatgerm and hemp seed oils, and our Balm, made with Honey, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter.

Our Facial Oil hydrates by sealing in moisture, and boosts collagen production, restoring the skins barrier after a tough row - without feeling too heavy on the skin in the warmer weather. It can also be used to cleanse, along with one of our lightly exfoliating organic cotton Muslin Cloths.

The formula for our Balm has been tweaked to include more beeswax than normal, making it harder so that it can protect against high winds and water, as well as repair chapped or dry skin anywhere on the body.

How can you get involved?

The On Shoulders of Giants team are raising money for two charities that are very close to their heart. We can help them by donating what we can to their cause as well as financing the campaign. They hope to raise £50,000, with your help.

The first, the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, raises funds to aid research into the causes of Motor Neurone Disease and to investigate potential cures. It also makes grants to individuals suffering from MND, to enable them to live as fulfilled a life as possible. Funds raised from the row will help them to carry their mission forward.

Second, Pursuing Independent Paths is a London charity that supports adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential. On turning 18, many people with learning disabilities are suddenly less eligible for support than they were before, PiP helps bridge this gap, for those near enough to be able to get there. PiP is currently expanding into a second location so that they can help even more people, and money raised from the row will contribute towards their expansion into these premises over the medium term.

You can make a donation via the teams Just Giving page here