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Maintain your well-being during lockdown.

For many of us, the new lockdown restrictions and the year-long disruption to our lives are having an affect on our mental health. Lockdown has, and continues to affect us all in different ways. For some of us introverts, it may represent some much needed time to recharge our social batteries, but for some, it may be less than ideal.

If you are feeling a little fed up, know that these feelings are perfectly acceptable. We are all mentally tired, anxious by the situation, and have had our Christmas plans disrupted. It's also winter on this side of the world, which means that we have less hours of daylight, not to mention the cold.

In times like these, it's more important than ever to focus on the positives and look after ourselves and those around us. If you are on furlough and/or feeling restless with the extra time you have to fill, we've put together some ideas to get you started in a positive way.


Set a lockdown goal


That goal is up to you, this is something related to your desires, which you will build or achieve during lockdown to turn this period into something positive. It could be writing a novel, doing a sports challenge, launching a blog, getting into painting, studying, or finally decorating your entrance hall...It could also be finishing your stack of books if it's important to you. In short, do things that motivate you. 

Here are some ideas:


Learn Macrame, Crochet or start knitting your sweaters yourself! It's a super trendy, fun, fashionable and responsible alternative to shopping, and it comes in handy with the season. If you are a beginner, know that there are cool ready-made knitting kits that include yarn, needles and patterns suitable for all levels. A nice, relaxing and useful cocooning activity that will make you proud of yourself!


Start upcycling! Instead of throwing away a garment, or an object that is damaged, think about what you could do to give it a new life. Repair it, dye it, customise it - adopt a sustainable approach, while being creative. You might be surprised at the wonders you can create and if you are running out of ideas or don't know where to start, the internet is your friend, because the web is full of great tutorials to help you.

Paint a picture. We are a big fan of art at Bumi. It is a tried and tested way of releasing your emotions and expressing yourself in a physical medium. Why not order some canvases, acrylic paints and equipment from your local art store and see what you can create. Drop the ego and go with the flow, you might be surprised at what you create!


The daily achievement of "to-do list" is also a good way to set daily goals and fill your day, and allows you to think of original ways of occupying yourself. Reading, films, puzzles and other manual or artistic activities can be included: the trick is to let your creativity and desires speak for themselves!


Protect yourself from continuous information


It is not uncommon for negative thoughts to cycle through the heads of those who are alone or experiencing change or lack of control in their lives, and this is all the more true in the current context. To regain positivity, it is essential to protect yourself from anxiety-inducing information that is looping on television and on social networks.

Consider limiting your time on social networks and news channels, so that you stay informed but are not consumed by it.


Engage in physical activity


In the morning or during breaks: practice stretching to release any tension and energise the body. And, at the end of the day, stretching will relax you to clear your head and disconnect without suffering from pain. Take advantage of your moments of pause to expose ourselves to the light of day, it is extremely beneficial and is one of the positives about working from home.


To alleviate stress and isolation, we recommend bringing new practices and activities into our life. It could be breathing exercises, or an opportunity to try meditation, journaling, yoga. or sophrology, effective activities to feel better and that you can practice whenever you want.

Wim Hof's breathing method is a fantastic way to connect with your body and release tension or anxiety - and it only take 11 minutes.


Focus on self care


We are biased, but a good old pamper is sometimes exactly what we need. So many of us associate our beauty routine with the way we look - and during lockdown, this may fall by the wayside. We believe that a self care routine is not just about your appearance. It's about feeling great about yourself, and treating your body with the respect it deserves. Having a regular bath or setting the time aside to complete your own rituals is an important aspect of loving yourself and can turn a frown upside down quickly.

Keep a structured routine

Creating a structured routine allows you to create a reassuring environment, avoiding feelings of being overwhelmed (or on the contrary finding yourself with nothing to do).

The idea is not to stick to a military schedule, but simply to try to have a certain regularity.


Consider separating the time spent for work from meal times (I.e not eating at the desk) from the time to take care of the children, time to rest, time to have fun, or to exercise. In short, the idea is to organise your day in a way that benefits you.  


If you are able to work from home, avoid staying on your computer non-stop, and ensure that you take real breaks. And if you are off work at the moment, you can also set up a routine with things to do and/or avoid (for example staying in your pyjamas on the sofa surfing social networks for hours).


Keep social contacts

Lockdown, lack of activity, stress ... Lockdown is difficult for everyone. But another element is sometimes added to this anxiety-provoking reality: loneliness. As we know, man is a social animal. Remind yourself that we are all going through a similar experience.


Make the effort to phone, send messages, and check in with each other. You never know who is in need of a call from a friend. Consider scheduling a regular catch up with relatives. This allows you to fill your schedule, and keep pleasant goals in mind to be positive and to see your loved ones in addition to hearing them.


Accept and embrace your feelings

It's important for our personal growth to accept the way that you are feeling, whether it be positive, negative or anything in between. Don't be afraid to verbalise your emotions or reach out to others. Keeping our emotions under lock and key is not healthy for our mind, body or soul - you may be surprised to learn that others are feeling just as you are.

Appreciate the extra time

The pandemic has gifted us more time, which is something that we may not usually have enough of. So, instead of focusing on what you can't do, why not make the most of it? You may never get such an opportunity to focus on yourself and learn new skills again.

Sending you an abundance of positive vibrations for the months ahead, and remember, our door is always open if you need to talk. Just pop us an email.

Love & Light,

Team Bumi <3