Sustainability & Bumi

 Every one of our suppliers, ingredients and activities is carefully considered and chosen based upon not only their purpose, but the impact it has on the planet. Many of our ideas don’t make the final cut as they don’t meet our high standards. From our packaging, to our ingredients, and planting trees each month, we are focused on making our brand as sustainable as we can.

It’s is important to us that we are transparent about what we do and how we think, and we wanted to share with you some of the ways that we (and you, when you chose to purchase from us) support our beautiful earth. 

Waterless Skincare

We create waterless skincare, not only because we think that it’s the future of beauty and prefer potent products, but because of the carbon footprint associated with transporting water. You’ll get more for your money with waterless, as a little bit goes a long way, and with products such as scrubs, you can simply add the water required to spread the product at home, doubling up quantities! 

Eco-friendly packaging

We package our products in recyclable and reusable glass jars, and have recently transitioned to aluminium lids. Although there is a carbon footprint associated with glass and aluminium, this is lower than the pollution caused by plastic packaging. This is also why we have launched our new jar returns service.

We use uncoated paper labels and tags, and when we post your order, it is cushioned by cornstarch, biodegradable packaging peanuts. Just dissolve them in water - or reuse them.

Our flyers and cards are printed on recycled paper, using vegan ink. 

Unrefined, organic ingredients

Choosing unrefined, cold-pressed ingredients means that they have gone though little processing from plant to product - which is great for the planet, as opposed to filtering, heating and creating high emissions before it even reaches our kitchen. It also means that that natural colours, smells and rich consistency is retained, so that we can appreciate Mother Earth even more. We also ensure that the ingredients we use are not endangered. 

 Choosing certified organic ingredients means that the crops have been farmed sustainably to meet the Soil Association’s high standards. Farmers are limited on the emissions that they can create, and the pesticides that they use on their crop. It also means that you are getting high quality ingredients, that are as good for your skin as they are for the planet.

As far as we can, we choose fair trade ingredients that hold a certification. This is to ensure that producers in third world countries receive fair price for their products. 

Our production process

When we make your products in our kitchen, we ensure that we treat the ingredients with respect, which often means minimal heating. We make everything by hand (although we do use a stick blender to ensure consistency, quality and for the sake of our arms!) This ensures that the ingredients retain their amazing benefits for your skin, as well as reducing our emissions. 

Plant trees with us!

To give back to the planet by off-setting our carbon emissions, we are now proud partners of TreeApp, a small start-up with big goals. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees every single day by 2022. To help them reach their goal, and to reach ours, we plant 1 tree for every £20 spent on our web store. 

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Jar returns service - new!

Our glass jars can be reused for many things, such as storing spices and other food items. You could also put a tea light in there! However, we understand that you may not have use for yours, so you can now exchange your empty jars for products or a coupon. We will wash them and sterilise them, ready to be used again.

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