Our Story

Hello I’m Imogen! I was born in Cambridge, brought up all over, and have lived in London for 10 years. I am absolutely in love with the arts: music is my therapy and painting is my expression.

During the 9 years that I have lived in London, I  have come to realise that London life really does take it’s toll on the mind, body and soul. The pollution, late nights, underground and not to mention hormones and every day dramas can wreak havoc on your skin (amongst other things) if you don’t learn how to balance. I never had perfect skin, and I certainly didn’t help improve the situation. I didn’t understand what I was putting on my skin, and believed the promises told to me by brands in the hope that I would look and feel better. I whacked anything on that looked good and was cost effective.


 A little while ago, I skipped off to Bali for a 2 month break, and well and truly had my eyes opened. During my stay I met some beautiful souls who showed me gratitude and inspired me to go back to basics. Farmers who fed their families from their one rice field and a lovely lady who taught me how to make my first ever beauty products and remedies from their home grown plants. It was here that I started to discover the power of plants, and the rituals around making handmade remedies. I was taught how to channel my positive energy in to each product or Jamu (health drink native to Indonesia), and about the healing properties of various plants. Bumi means 'earth' in Indonesian. 

I began to make the connection between the earth, our hands and the remedies themselves. What we put in and on our bodies should be filled with good intentions, and we should understand exactly what we are putting on ourselves. The earth is full of gifts, and us humans have survived (and thrived!) for millions of years without all of these synthetic chemicals with names so long that I can’t pronounce them. Besides, everything we found on our planet has a purpose, surely. Otherwise it simply wouldn’t be here. 

When I returned to England, I did a diploma in organic skincare, and started to make products for myself, to treat my skin woes and tickle my fancies. The first product I made was my Honey & Cinnamon Face Mask - which worked absolute wonders on my skin and is to date my favourite product. It's also the best seller! 

Gradually I started testing my concoctions on a few faithful friends and family members, and over Christmas 2017 I soft-launched BUMI. It’s been a beautiful journey so far, and I have met so many wonderful, like-minded people along the way. People who support the natural and organic movement and who want to make a difference during their time on earth. I'm so grateful to have had my eyes finally opened and to have received so much support so far from my friends and loved ones in this chapter.  

If you want to know more about me or BUMI, going organic or making the switch to natural products from mainstream - just fill in the contact form or drop a note to hello@buminaturals.com - I would love to hear from you! 

Love & Light, always

Imogen <3